Finally, an affordable NES RGB solution

SONY DSCUntil now, gamers wanting to play their NES consoles in RGB have been stuck with a complex mod that requires finding and destroying old Nintendo Playchoice arcade hardware. However, all that looks set to change with the launch of a new piece of hardware called the NESRGB board.

Rather than replace the consoles PPU (graphics chip) entirely like the old mod, the board bypasses parts of the chip, namely palette RAM (Color Generator), Decoder, and DAC. These functions are duplicated in the NESRGB board. The timing of the video is unchanged so there is no input lag added. Video output is via RGB, S-Video or the consoles original composite output. There’s even a choice of three different palettes, one from the original console and two based on popular NES emulators. Since the output is not upscaled in any way, you will still need an XRGB for best results if you plan to play on a HDTV.

The board works on both NTSC and PAL consoles and will be released on the 19th of October for 90 Australian dollars. For more information, check out the thread over on the Shmups forum.


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