Silverscreen Trilogy 1 Review

Trilogy 1 Auto SCART hubThe Trilogy 1 is an auto SCART switch with push button manual override. It’s features put it in a class above most SCART switches and a full review of the device could cover an entire article in its own right. It’s the kind of high quality SCART switchbox that used to be readily available before most high-end AV equipment changed over to HDMI. The Trilogy has five SCART inputs and can even output the same signal to two displays at once, ideal for more complex setups (the XRGB3 and DVDO Edge tandem set-up for instance). Switching is automatic, or by push button on the front or on the remote control where a manual override is needed. There’s also a separate analogue audio output connector for routing the audio to an amplifier.

The unit has several functions to make it easier to record sources on a VCR, but that’s nothing that gamers are interested in so we’ll skip over that. It’s all housed in an attractive silver case that admittedly can look a little retro when paired with more modern AV equipment.

Brightness/noise test:- Passed, no noticeable noise added, no noticeable brightness lost from picture.

Isolation test:- Passed, zero crosstalk from other inputs.

Conclusion:- I’ve personally owned a Trilogy 1 for many years. In my games setup it forms the central hub from which all my other switches are chained. I even use it to route component video (480p and 720p) via a simple adapter. The device has always been flawless in operation (as long as the cables at the back are properly seated) up until recently, when it developed a fault with the matrix switching (basically, it would no longer function as a 4 in 2 out device). If I had to pick a fault, it’s that the SCART sockets at the back are quite close together, meaning that bulkier SCART cables tend not to fit. Find yourself some quality flat headed cables however and this problem is solved. Highly recommended.

6 thoughts on “Silverscreen Trilogy 1 Review

  1. Brian O'NEILL says:

    Does this work at 60hz for consoles that can display 60hz? Ie ntsc and jap capable consoles? Im conecting the power to a standard uk plug socket.

  2. holaplaneta says:

    I got this on and I live in the Americas. On the back of the unit, where the Eight Fig power cable connects to, reads “230V~ 50Hz”. Man I wish you had mention that since now I don´t know if I can use this with my NTSC RGB modded consoles… Anyway, the games in NTSC are 60Hz, so even if I convert the power would the games run at 60Hz? I´m afraid of connecting it to power because I don´t want to fry it.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

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