Ireland has reduced VAT to 21%!

Good morning everyone. Some good news for EU customers, the Irish government, in response to Covid 19 and to try and get everyone spending money, has temporarily cut VAT from 23% to 21%.

This means if you are a customer in the EU (including the UK until the end of the year), you can enjoy a 2% tax discount on all orders. Customers outside the EU aren’t affected since EU VAT doesn’t apply there, and you must continue to handle customs/import charges and handling fees at your countries border.

Note that consoles sent to BetaGamma from outside the EU are still subject to 23% plus handling fee import VAT, since BetaGamma is in Greece not Ireland.

The cut will last for six months, so yes, we realise we’re out of stock of OSSCs and PSUs right now, but they will be back in later in the month so everyone can benefit from this little discount.

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