OSSC Newsletter Issue 13

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Batch three is now sold out

Thank you to everyone who purchased a unit from batch 3. As expected, all units were sold to people on the waiting list with none left over for general availability. If you ordered a unit without an audio board, or if you were in group 1 or 2 of the audio board orders, your unit should have shipped by now. If you're in audio batch 3 or above, sit tight, we're still working on your units and we have all the audio boards in from the manufacturer now.

OSSC 1.6 is coming!

We can finally confirm the rumours. OSSC V1.6 is a reality and features some exciting new changes. All boards shipped in the next batch will be the new 1.6 revision that includes...

Audio output as standard - No expansion board will be required for digital audio output. This should save time and cost for those of you who want audio output, without significantly increasing costs for those who don't need it.

Additional analogue audio inputs - The existing 3.5mm audio connector will be usable as AV1 audio pass through (the same as current OSSCs) or as an AV2 audio input. This will be selectable via a miniature switch.

Additional 3.5mm audio input added - For use with AV3. Great for your Dreamcast!

The first V1.6 prototypes are currently being assembled and we expect to have them early next month. Of course, we'll send out another newsletter when they arrive.

Batch 4 survey results

Last newsletter we invited you to vote in a quick poll on how you would like to pay for your OSSC (if you've not voted you still can, see this page).

Over 60% of those who took part in the poll said they would be prepared to pre-pay for their unit, which will allow us to use your money directly to pay for manufacturing. This potentially means much bigger batches. We've been reluctant to do this in the past simply because it means taking peoples money for a rather long time, but after three batches we can safely say we've thoroughly tested our manufacturers and supply chains, so we're more confident to do this.

Orders for batch 4 will open once we've finished testing the first 1.6 prototypes. Hopefully by taking this step we'll be able to finally clear our waiting list and everyone that wants a unit will get one.



OSSC Audio boards back in stock

Add digital audio output to your OSSC with this DIY upgrade. Ideal for use with televisions that don't support analogue audio input and for setups that don't have separate speakers.

Stock of this popular upgrade is plentiful, you can purchase a board by clicking here.

Fit the board yourself or have a local modder perform the work. As long as the work is done to a reasonable standard it will not invalidate the warranty on your OSSC. Alternatively, if you cannot find a modder, we can fit the board for you if you order the service here.

That concludes this newsletter. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and the OSSC Telegram channel for more updates!
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