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Wow, awe! Quite the appropriate nickname, man… Adjusting the Horizontal sample rate close to 800 worked, thank you so much!

Do you mind me taking advantage of you a bit more?
I’m still quite uneducated/unexperienced, so could you clue me about what exact value should I go for, with the Mega Drive (NTSC-J Model 2)? Is there a table where I can check what is the appropriate H sample rate number for the other systems I own? Or should I go with the 240p test suite, adjust the linearity by measuring the circles once, and then basically keep the same setting for all my OSSC profiles?

Thanks a million anyway!

PS – if it can help someway, my monitor – an LG 27MU67 – seems to lose sync/picture every other value. So, 858 is fine, 857 gives me a black screen, 856 is fine again, and so on until 800.