Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Just tried this on my Sony KDL-42W653A but sadly could not get a picture, just a black screen with x4 linemode, odd thing was once i went below 5 v.backporch then the TV started to give me a ‘unsupported signal’. Have looked at the manual and the TV supports the following modes….

640 x 480, 31.5 kHz/60 Hz
800 x 600, 37.9 kHz/60 Hz
1024 x 768, 48.4 kHz/60 Hz
1280 x 768, 47.4 kHz/60 Hz and 47.8 kHz/60 Hz
1360 x 768, 47.7 kHz/60 Hz
1280 x 1024, 64.0 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)
1920 x 1080, 67.5 kHz/60 Hz (Full HD model only)*

* The 1080p timing, when applied to the HDMI input, will be treated as a video timing and not a PC timing. This will affect the [System Settings] and [Display] settings. To view PC content, set [Scene Select] to [Graphics], [Screen Format]/[Wide Mode] to [Full], and [Display Area] to [Full Pixel]. ([Display Area] is configurable only when [Auto Display Area] is set to [Off].)