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@donet I would guess not since it’s pretty similar to @destinydoom and mine’s TV, the KU6300. I know that particular model has true HDR as opposed to the KU6300, but I don’t know if that would make a difference with handling the out of spec video put out by the scaler. It can handle 240p/480p over HDMI using the OSSC’s passthrough mode but that’s really it. Barring some obscure timing tweak in the scaler or a miracle FW update to either the TV or OSSC, I’m not sure if it will ever work.

I forgot to mention that destiny got his to work by running the OSSC through his receiver and out to his TV, but I believe his particular receiver is a few years old and has actual scaling for resolutions lower than 1080p. This might not work with a modern receiver because they usually just scale 1080p to 4K or not at all. Either way I couldn’t get mine to accept 1080p (through Line 5X).