Reply To: Ability to change mask colour


Oh sweet, sounds good.

Yeah my VT60 shows a noticeable difference in the sidebars after only a few hours of 4:3 use. Changing the sidebars from black to the brightest grey option seems to alleviate the problem fully. It’s just that so far I can only get Lx4 working so there is a strip of OSSC mask running across the top of the screen. If I can turn the mask brightness up to match the panny side bars at full grey, I’m hoping it will mean that the IR risk is the same the side bars. IE, not noticeable after a few hours of usage.

The VT60 owners thread on AVSForums has a few stories of other users with IR problems and a mate of mine has issues with his also. My guess is that the Panasonic engineers went all out for PQ, at the cost of increased IR. Or maybe they just ran out of dev and testing time….