Reply To: Init error -4


I corrected the “Init Error -4” problem. I was starting with step 1 outlined above and probed the power and clock signals – they all looked good. I probed pins 48-SCL and 49-SDA on the IT6613 and saw that only pin 48 was being pulled high – as I was probing different parts of pin 49 I saw it pull high momentary, so it looked liked a bad solder joint. I quick touch up of pins 48 and 49 and now the OSSC boots to the menu and outputs the test patten, still have more testing to do but we moved past that error.

Init Error Table

“Init error -1” = Error: incorrect flash type detected
“Init error -2” = Error: could not read from THS7353
“Init error -3” = Error: could not read from TVP7002
“Init error -4” = Error: could not read from IT6613