Reply To: Tips & Tweaks: Lx3, Lx4, Lx5 modes


Yeah it’s for optimized mode. I am testing with games that output 320×224 as well as the 240p Test Suite using the 320×224 grid. Adjusting the sample phase I can get very close but no cigar. At a quick glance it looks perfectly clear, but upon scrutinizing it there is always a slight amount of blur on one side. Low degree values give a very slight blur on the left and high ones on the right. This is a matte display, by the way.

For normal gameplay it looks perfect, however I plan to record with this setup eventually and would rather eliminate all traces of blurring if possible.

Here are my values, in case they help anyone:

Sample phase 112
H.samplerate 427
H.synclen 38 348 240
H.backporch 33
V.backporch 18
Line x5 using 1920×1200 mode.

Edit: Actually upon checking the linearity test it seems 1920×1200 stretches the image to non-square pixels. 1920×1080 keeps them square but won’t display the entire image using line x5.