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Samsung LE40A567P2W

Saturn (japanese model 1), sync on csync
2x looks great out of the box
3x-5x – nothing with stock settings

Genesis, sync on csync
same as above

Now I was curious about how it would handle resolution switching compared to the framemeister. I tried Akumajou Dracula on Saturn and pressed pause – 8 seconds of black screen! This is with the OSSC connected straight to the tv via a DVI-D to HDMI cable.
I tried Vampire Killer on Genesis as well. This one switches res. several time during the intro. Same here, several secs of black screen.

Philips 32PFL7762D/12 (720p TV)
2x works out of the box
3x-5x gives me nothing

The 480p is quite ugly on this one. If I enable scanlines they are barely visible unless I crank them up really high, because they are blurred out.
Res. switching is handled better here. It flashes briefly with a green or blue screen but quickly resyncs.

: I am curious how you got 3x to work with your Philips. It seems to be a similar model to mine. I can’t even begin to guess what settings would be relevant for this…