Reply To: Is it compatible with YPbPr through SCART?


@BuckoA51: Hm, I’ve talked to Superg, the creator of Gscartsw, but maybe I should contact him again on that topic.

Component cable is a must for both Wii and Xbox, I am afraid. Other cables would output 480i only, while YPbPr cables output 480p (and 720p in some Xbox games). That’s why I want it to run through a SCART cable and be compatible with Gscartsw (or other devices).

: I would love to know if there is another workaround with this option.

There is not a YPbPr + Stereo audio to SCART adaptor. It doesn’t exist. Why not? Don’t know, but it’s true. However, Europe has millions of composite+audio to SCART adaptors. So what I want to do is some sort of custom adaptor. A custom PCB with a custom 3D printed case would be the thing. If you are interested, please ask (or suggest, as I’m confused about the use of it along with Gscartsw).