Reply To: Nintendo 64 De-blur

Calle W

Basically yes. I usually look at the 120 star count for reference. The red color of the 0 “bleeds” out to the right. Today the second profile does the trick even after resetting the N64. H.samplerate is set to 387. I’ve also tried your special settings for x5, but they give me the exact same results.

I can achieve a good result without sync lpf and video lpf set to auto (which I guess would be optimal), but it’s kind of rare. This only applies to the N64 so far btw. My SNES has no issues. Perfect sharpness every time. I’m guessing my N64 is at fault here maybe.

EDIT: Switching games requires fiddling with settings. Once I get the results I want, I seem to be able to turn the console on and off without any issues (as long as it’s the same game).