Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Wanted to get a new set so a few weeks ago I brought my SNES and OSSC to a store (swedish chain Elgiganten) and took some time to test out a few models that were on sale.

Samsung UE43KU6075 (4k) Like previously reported for some newer 4k Samsungs, this TV didn’t accept any OSSC output modes whatsoever… Beware!

Philips 43PUS6501 (4k) Accepted all modes, though for Lx5 only 1600×1200 mode. However, scaling was generally pretty abysmal with severe ringing and other artefacts. Additionally, it seems to do frameconversion (I assume to an even 60 Hz) as there were clear stuttering with the 59.53Hz output of my regionmodded PAL SNES. I did try to remove as much processing I could, but still it looked awful imo…

Philips 43PFT5301 (1080p) Accepted all modes, and no stuttering! This one was 33% off, so I gladly picked it up. Pretty much a budget set, but it’s a direct backlit VA panel, so it’s really good enough imo, and definitely a big step up from my previous.
What I did find after getting it home and really getting to test some more is that it doesn’t accept the 320×240 optimized mode in Lx5 (unfortunately for my GB player with GBI…). It seems the upper samplerate it accepts is in the 2110 range (422×5), which is not high enough. Another quirk is that with Lx4 modes (which do not need the vertical tweak btw), none of the TV zooming functions work. But those a just minor annoyances tbh.