Reply To: scaling filters


Glad it’s working out for you. I don’t have a psx to test on, but you did motivate me to dig out my xbox and ps2 to see what they look like.

FW 0.76-rg0c

– Fixed non-optimized modes “black screen” bug.
– Added filter support for 480p line2x mode.

I had some time to look at the firmware again and realized the previous version broke a lot of the non-optimized modes.

I also looked at 480i and when line2x (bob deinterlacing) is enabled it can use the filters. Although, I’m not sure how desirable the effect is due to how a field gets scaled to produce 480p.

480p had me scratching my head for a while as going through the filter logic caused it drop pixels. It looks like the it6613 chip is used to perform the scaling on certain resolutions. I disabled that and forced it to behave like the other optimized modes. The pixel scaling filter effects start to vanish on inputs with much higher color selection and higher resolutions. 480p linex2 on ps3 with filters really only added flickering pixels and not much else.