Reply To: Audio Input


Not 100% sure but you should be able to use the scart input for sound and according to the newsletter the audio-jack will double as a audio input for the 1.6 version and since it’s directly tied to the audio of the scart you should just be able to connect an audio in there to get sound but then you have to make sure you haven’t connected anything to the scart input to avoid problems.
I think the 1.6 version will have a switch just to make sure you don’t damage anything connected to scart when you use the audio-jack as input, as the audio signal gets routed directly in to the audio circuit then straight in to the HDMI chip you should be able to have audio on all inputs without much (or perhaps any) changes to the code, but haven’t gotten my audio board yet so can’t test it yet.

What you need is either a RCA to scart (most 4th to 6th gen consoles came with one of there as standard in the PAL regions) and they should be easy to find online, or an RCA to 3.5mm.