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Hmmm, blegh. Not so good. my 32 inch LED HDTV does not support PAL Signals. Not sure about my LG 42LD520. It goes up to 120 HZ for the refresh rate and has a PC mode as well.

Since the OSSC Will just feed in Pal and Output Pal for it’s signal, would the XRGB Mini, the Frame Meister, work instead as a sort of PAL to NTSC Converter? Or would I need to still get specialized equipment to convert the signal from PAL to NTSC? If so, is there one you would recommend for this specific scenario that won’t introduce any input lag?

Ideally, I’d like to keep everything focused on the OSSC since the support has been great and it has no Frame Buffer. The less potential input lag I have to deal with, by far the better.