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Could the solder bridge i had at first (between Pin79/VSYNC_B and Pin80/EXT_CLK) have damaged the TVP7002 (or any other component)?

I’ve replaced all caps inside my SNES some months ago… but… of course: you never know. Then again: it’s the same with the VGA input via my old laptop. The sync signal is unstable – even though AV3/VGA uses no Composite- but separate H- and V-sync lines and different input pins on the TVP7002.

I thought about a heat related problem too – even though i mounted a 14x14x7mm heat sink on the TVP while assembling the OSSC. For ruling it out yesterday i even placed a 120mm fan at the side of my OSSC… sadly with zero effect at all.

‘Borti4939′ was kind enough to send me a TVP7002 and an EP4CE15E22. But since it is a pain in the ass to desolder even one of ’em not to mention both, i’ll wait till tuesday… since a colleague from work wanted to borrow me an old scope he has. Sadly he didn’t know for sure if it’s in working condition. But if it is, i may be able to check the sync signals between the TVP and the FPGA and narrow the source of the problem down…