Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread

The Phantomnaut

OSSC 1.5 with .77 firmware.

Startech USB3HDCAP (w/ Modified Micomsoft XCAPTURE-1 driver by TheThrillness):

240p: 2x, 3x and 4x works fine in both TX HDMI and DVI. Passthrough works fine in TX HDMI; TX DVI results in a squished image with only the left half of the screen visible. 5x doesn’t work on any TX modes. ALL TESTED IN GENERIC 4:3 MODE.
480i: Passthrough, 2x and 4x works fine in TX HDMI. TX DVI recognizes 2x and 4x fine; Passthrough results in squished image with left half of screen visible. 3x in all modes only shows top half of screen.
480p: Passthrough and 2x works fine on both TX modes.
1080i: Can’t recognize any resolution at any TX mode. Crashed capture device but went back to normal when replugged.