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Here’s the last version ported to the latest 0.77 source code. It includes audio. I use it without issues on my audio-less ossc. It’s still experimental and has several bugs.

Not much has changed in the filters from the previous FW. For those who haven’t tried it before:
– [Post-proc] -> [Filter/Filter str] control the filters. You can choose between ‘scale’ or ‘hq’. Filter strength only affects scale. There’s also a test filter called ‘diff’ that shows which edges scale applies changes to.
– It works best at 240P x2 or x3 in the optimized format for your input. E.g. 8:7/4:3.
– 480i 2x (bob de-interlacing) and 480p 2x are also supported, but they don’t add much other than the flashing pixels (see below).
– Due to the nature of going through DAC (snes) -> ADC (ossc) conversion, applying a filter that was intended for digital input (emulators) results in artifacts that are most noticeable on static images. These artifacts are flashing pixels that jump between the original pixel and the filtered pixel. I’m not sure of a solution without having access to a frame buffer. Reducing the filter strength with scale will lessen the flashing.
– The filters add one scanline of latency over the base ossc FW.