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Hi there, I placed my preorder using the available link but I didn’t place my order via the email sent out to members of the newetter, as I didn’t sign up until a day or two after emails were sent out.

However I did give you my money just a day or two after preorders became availible, but since I wasn’t on the waiting list, will I be shafted to the next batch? I’d like to be placed on higher priority as I did take the chance to preorder early and from the wording in your post it seems like you’re very grateful for anyone who did preorder early… let me know thanks!

I sent an email to you guys, could you check it if possible? My main concern is that because I don’t have a reserved number that people who were subscribed to the newsletter got, that my order is going to be set aside in favour of the numbered guys…. which makes sense but I really feel like I deserve to be placed in the first batch. If that’s possible? email used to place order is, if you can, respond to it. thank you.