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Glad to hear it! In that way, I can free up the VGA input for my S-Video to VGA adapter for the C64. ?

Such things are not recommended for C64 and OSSC, you want a straight up transcoder not something that already has line-doubled the C64s output. Feeding output of such a device into the OSSC defeats the purpose of using the OSSC in the first place.

This was fixed by using simple DIY buffered VGA adapter. I used schmitt trigger, that should clean dirty signal a bit more than just a simple buffer. Please notice that this is no fault in the OSSC since you are *supposed* to use buffered adapter with Amiga in any case (due to Amiga going to gensync mode if RGB output is loaded too much).

Ah okay, can these adapters be purchased anywhere for those that don’t like soldering?