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That was a quick change. So it is not a good idea to stick with straight RGB to SCART for the OSSC even though it can support the frequency ranges? Or was that just the experience you had with your A600? I will be using an A1200 with the OSSC.

jarp, I’m not sure what adapter you’re referring to but it was because of my bad experiences with Amiga RGB to VGA adapters that made me interested in the OSSC to begin with. However, I cannot confirm if I have buffered adapters or not. This is the latest one I have tried:

I also have two of the Commodore brands. One of which I am using at the moment. As I have mentioned to you before in email, I see faint vertical lines on my monitor when using the adapter. The lines can almost be eliminated when in Dbl PAL HI RES NO FLICKER but I cannot adjust them out in straight PAL/NTSC hi res modes at all. The vertical lines only appear when using a VGA adapter so I know it is not my monitor.


I wasn’t sure if my idea about using the OSSC VGA input for the C64 S-Video to VGA adapter would be good or not. I was only thinking about the possibility of “passing through” the signal but still being able to add scanlines. 🙂 Perhaps I cannot have one without the other. If I will be using the OSSC’s HDMI output strictly for the Amiga, I can just use the C64 converter straight into the monitor’s VGA input. The thing about that is, the monitor’s inputs do not autoswitch and switching them is a pain.