Reply To: Optimized modes


With my SNES hooked up to my Vizio M65-C1 TV, when I switch from LIne-3X mode to Line-5X mode (both set to 4:3 aspect ratio in the Output Options menu) the aspect ratio changes (becomes stretched horizontally in Line-5X mode). Changing the aspect ratio option from 4:3 to 256×240 makes the image look low-resolution and botchy. Actually even switching the video output between HDMI and DVI causes the image to change aspect ratio and clarity (I figured sound was the only difference between the two)

Can you explain why changing line multiplication mode affects the aspect ratio instead of just the sharpness? What settings are recommended for SNES (in DVI mode)? I don’t understand all the settings involving clocks and phase-locked-loops and offsets, etc. So complete listings of every setting that needs to be changed from factory default would be helpful!