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Thank you!!!!!!!!

Yet again, I have to wonder: Would it be possible to implement a full 1920 pixel sampling and output for ALL input resolutions, not just for 240p/280p? Besides enabling maximum picture quality, this would allow for easy aspect ratio correction (just map the 1440 pixels upsample2x gives you to the 1920 pixels), which is THE ONE feature the OSSC lacks in my opinion.

I mean… I’ve been trying to find a good all-purpose monitor for quite some time now. Every single monitor I’ve encountered so far was able to stretch arbitrary resolutions to full screen (16:9); however, only a select few monitors were able to display resolutions like 1440×480 or 1440×980 in 4:3. I don’t know how TVs fare in this regard, but I wouldn’t wonder if some models failed here as well.
Implementing what I described above would solve this problem once and for all.