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I just came across this post because I had a similar scenario in my head. More generally any gamecube hdmi adaption (there are several products in this space) that only outputs 480i/p.

If I land in any scenario where I want the OSSC to do the upscaling operation, then I’m currently S.O.L. And that’s fine because the OSSC has a specific target of digitizing and upscaling analog sources.

I would hope that future revisions of the OSSC could still upscale an already digitized signal. Or that some separate product would come along that can re-use upscaling portions of the OSSC firmware on an already digitized signal.

In my head it makes the most sense longer term to have 2 or 3 products in this space.
1. Digitize an analog signal.
2. Upscale a digital signal to the latest greatest resolutions.
(maybe 3.) Upscale while keeping a signal analog. For situations where you want to output to an analog device that accepts high resolution signals. (Maybe CRT projectors?)

The division of 1 & 2 would allow more frequent replacement cycles of the upscaling component to the latest resolution without throwing away a highly functional digital to analog conversion. The only reason you would replace #1 is when HDMI phases out in the future.