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You are both right, I have a disgusting amount of continuity in every connector pin 1 with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… etc (SCART, Component…), so after a little more reading, overheating & continuty issues are idicative of shorts, and after careful inspection, the culprits are absolutely the ICs.

Now the bad news. My glass isn’t strong enough to dectect WHERE the bridge is, and I messed up the soldering, now theres solder in top and botton of the IC pins, so my options are.

1. Buy a better magnifyin glass and try to fix it.
2. Buy Quick Fix and desolder and somewhat clean the pins and remount
3. Desolder the three and buy anew.

I will try the three methods in order, from cheapest to expensive. Now that I did some cleaning, the problem is worse since I got no more text on display lol.

edit: I got the IR receiver by mail, thank you @d0pefish 🙂