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Has anyone had any success in getting a Panasonic GT50 tv working in lx3 lx4 or lx5 mode?!?

I’ve got the GT60, what has been your experience with the OSSC on the GT50? Is it the European model or the US model? I’ve got the Europe one myself, and I know the US and European ones don’t function the same despite being the same model. Did you ever get modes over 240p x2 working? If not, did you try and see if BonzoBits’ adjustments worked on your tv? He has a VT60, though probably the US model, but I was hoping it might work on the GT60 too in case it doesn’t already support those modes.

If you could please add your experience with your TV to the compatibility list, that would be very helpful to me and other prospective OSSC owners, even if your TV is one generation behind mine.