Reply To: Sync problems with NTSC Sega Genesis



I have been using my OSSC with various consoles and recently acquired a ntsc genesis off eBay, I purchased an RGB cable as well but think it’s a poor cable and giving me problems with my ossc, using av1 it displays sync on the LCD display which looks correct but just black no picture – I did see the Briefist glimpse of a picture one time when sonic 2 did its interlaced demo section.

I connected the scart cable direct to my Sony LCD tv and get a picture but there is a lot of noise (hence my thoughts on the cable).

I opened up the scart socket and discover its mess with some capacitors hit glued not shrink wrapped, some resistors as well:

Basically I’m sure this is the problem but are there any tweaks I can do and what cable should I buy, preferably not a £50 one 🙂

I think I’m on latest firmware, will confirm version on here and provide a picture of cable inside.