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Yeah; I want to try sync-on-luma on Playstations… I’d like to buy C-sync cables actually since you never know where will they be plugged in the future, but as I don’t know if the sync stripper is placed at the SCART plug (which would be quite pointless in regards to signal quality), I think luma-sync is a safer bet…

PlayStation’s do not output clean composite sync so any clean sync PS cable you buy will be using a sync stripper.

So it’s possible that Sega assumed that the customer would always use a cable with these attenuation properties!?

Much more likely they assumed everyone would simply use composite video for sync, save for a few folks hooking up arcade monitors perhaps.

And maybe you’re allowed to share The Foo’s e-mail (non-Ebay) address so that I can ask him directly about his cables?

I don’t have it sorry. Disappointingly he’s started putting sync strippers in all his cables rather than fixing the clean sync output directly.