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Sure, I meant that if the sync stripper is placed in the SCART plug instead of the other end, it kind of defeats the purpose of using C-sync for the purest signals possible, since the whole cable itself is sync-on-composite-video (unless it’s sync-on-luma, which is better I guess, but that’s not specified anywhere).

Sync strippers usually go on the SCART end, the purpose isn’t really to improve the picture as such, more for compatibility with hardware like Extron Crosspoint or XRGB3.

Do you mean that he puts the circuit even in the cables which will be used on C-sync-ready consoles!? Contrarily to the one form your review, I believe mine are not like this, since I remember him explicitely asking me if I really had a non-PAL system. Since when is he doing this?

Only since recently, I guess one too many of his customers plugged in a CSYNC cable to a PAL console.

I agree it sucks, the less crap in your cable the better really.

Does the Dreamcast (NTSC-J) output C-sync RGB? It doesn’t right out of the box, right?

Yes, pin 10 on the AV out is composite sync.