Reply To: Adjusting aspect ratio


@Harrumph, no need to me sorry, I am still new to all this and I do not know all the terminology.

, thanks for checking it out. Like you mentioned, games like MM9 or Konami Rebirth series will work in widescreen but they are a blurry mess. The difference is staggering. From my understandind, the Wii outputs the same amount of pixel in 4:3 than in 16:9 but in order to maintain 4:3 aspect ratio in widescreen, more pixels are dedicated to the black border on both side which causes a severe hit for those games.

For example, in MM9, it makes objects and bg tiles change width depending on where they are on the horizontal axis. For the Rebirth series, it’s so bad it’s as if a 2xSAI filter was applied in widescreen vs a crisp RGB output. I will try to take pictures to illustrate or you can try it for yourself if you have a Wii. For myself, once I noticed the difference, it was as if I was rediscovering those games for a second time.

I have yet to be able to correct the aspect ratio with the OSSC (if that is even possible). Maybe a special optimized mode for the Wii in the same vein as the 320×240. If the Wii is outputing 858 dots per line in 4:3, would it be possible to find out how many are used for the black pillars and how many are used for the actual games and only double/digitize those to correct the AR, maybe reducing the to 640 might be needed as well. I am speculating of course, this is all new to me. Like the above poster mentioned, isn’t the Dreamcast doing something similar that gets corrected with one of the OSSC mode? I am hoping that this is at least feasable by tweaking the sampling options on current hardware, of course, a dedicated mode would be even better but I would be very happy to tweak the settings manually and saving a profile.

It might have gone unnoticed and no more thoughts have been put into this issue since the Wii is basically supported, and most TV will allow to change AR. But for the situation where it is not possible to change AR on the display, I am hoping it is “possible” to correct it through the OSSC on a similar fashion as the Dreamcast.

One thing to mention is that both MM games are in 480i, but I believe the output of 858 dots per line is the same as for 480p. Speaking of which, my OCD would be very happy to be able to enable line3x for 480i where every two lines gets multiplied by 3, alternating odds and even. That way, MM9 and 10 would look exactly the same as 1-6 in line3x mode. I’m only dreaming 😉