Reply To: Snes ghosting


Just wanted to second this. I came across Borti’s info in the shumps post a while back when I was doing some searching on this issue for myself. I performed the pin 155 fix on my snes, and it completely fixed the problem for me. It is definitely a delicate procedure though, and I’m surprised I didn’t break the pin myself, as I am not experienced with smd soldering/desoldering.

Some displays definitely show the ghosting more than others. In some cases the lpf on the game 1 mode on the framemesiter would hide it pretty well, but that obviously also blurs everything slightly, so it’s a tradeoff.

I’d also note that the severity of the ghosting seems to vary from console to console. I used to do RGB mods for a while, and out of maybe 8 or 10 that I did, the ghosting ranged from more severe than on my console, to almost invisible, without performing any fix. I know almost nothing about electronics, so I can’t really explain why that is.