Reply To: OSSC Integration Into Video Setup


Thanks guys. My switching load circuit can handle the power requirements just fine. I currently use it so when I turn on my SNES, the +5V from the SNES will signal the circuit on and allow the DC power from the AC Adapter to flow into my current setup. I designed the circuit to handle the power requirements for this just fine. (Was designed with this in mind in case I upgraded, which I just did. Heh).

From the answers provided here, it seems like this will also work just fine with the OSSC. 🙂

(The circuit is a dual source circuit so I can have one chip handle two separate DC inputs using only one signal line. I have two input jacks placed in a plastic “box” that is really just the shell of an old AC Wall Wart. One for each power line. I then have two outputs on the other side which are AC Adapter plugs (center positive). So I plug in the AC Adapter into one input line, the +5V signal from the SNES into the signal input line, and then connect the associated output connector into the OSSC. Turn on SNES, OSSC comes on and my HDMI Switcher automatically changes. Now if only my SNES NTSC SCART Cable would get here soon. Heh).