Reply To: No Audio From OSSC 1.6 Component


(Mostly copying my response from another recent thread with essentially the same issue)

A few things come to mind:

  • Is the TX mode setting set to HDMI? This should be the default for OSSC 1.6.
  • Is the firmware version shown on startup 0.78a? This is the first firmware to support audio on OSSC 1.6.
  • Can you make sure you have plugged the 3.5mm audio jack to the correct audio input (A1 out/A2 in)?
  • Can you try setting the switch to the other position, just in case?
  • Can you try another device connected to the OSSC to see if any sound comes through?
  • Can you try with another monitor/TV to see if this might be a compatibility issue with this particular TV set?