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I think these filters offer a nice subtle blur to the jaggy pixels from the retro age. I can’t wait to see the super eagle or de-dither filters if they become reality. Games like donkey king country really need more blur to smooth out the graphics. I really like the retroarch and snes classic’s bilinear filter for smoothing out the pixels. The horizontal linear filter on the snes classic actually looks better than the crt modes linear filter because it only blurs the screen about half as much. It looks a lot like svideo on a crt with the pixels being sharp but still blurring together just enough to smooth out the picture.

My question for you guys is this: How hard would it be to implement a simple bilinear filter on the OSSC that would be like the one on the snes classic or retroarch? Thanx a lot guys and good job getting some filters to work with the OSSC! I can’t wait to see where this heads!