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Got my shipping notification of the second OSSC I ordered. Fantastic. Also decided to hook up my SNES to my OSSC using the setup I have now. The parts I need for the enclosure of the load switch I ordered arrive tomorrow, so I’ll get the final setup done this weekend.

Anyway, I sadly did have some issues with the SNES and my Switch/Receiver/TV. One or all of the three. However, I did read about being able to take the output of the OSSC and run it through the HDMI pass-through of a generic SCART to HDMI adapter. When I did that, everything worked! I’m not sure how it worked but I’m guessing the pass-through takes the slightly off-spec and troublesome signal from the OSSC and gets it standard enough for my other equipment to work.

This thing is amazing. I have it on 4x since 5x doesn’t work (gives me a no-signal even when going through the adapter), and best of all there is no lag. It pillarboxes everything perfectly, the image is sharp and clean, and I love it. Well worth the purchase.