Reply To: SNES issues


Can you post a closeup picture of the bright edges that you see? It might be fixable. Did you try it on every lineX mode?

I only tried it in 5x mode, but when trying other modes now I’ve come to the conclusion that the latest firmware update caused the OSSC to have fewer modes working on my 40″ SONY TV… 🙁

Trying in 50Hz:
In Generic 4:3, only 2x and 5x work
In 256×240 optim, only 5x works

…though don’t take this firmware-gone-worse-claim at face value – it might very well be some other change I missed, although I did do “reset settings” before trying the various modes. I’ll try to find some time to in the weekend to go through all the steps and/or firmware comparisons and see if I can confirm exactly what went wrong.

For now – since the filter only makes sense in 256×240 optim mode AFAIU – I’ve taken 3 closeups at 5x in 256×240 optim mode, with a reverse LPF setting of 0, 15 and 31


What kind of RGB cable are you using? Composite video sync, luma or sync stripper?

The straight answer is I don’t really know 🙂 – But I did read up quickly on this, and think I get the difference. Given that my colours have a very distinct checkerboard pattern to them, and that the cable inside is just a bunch of wires and some resistors ( ), it sounds to me like it’s a composite video sync one rather than the cleaner sync-on-luma and sync-stripper variants you mentioned?

I noticed there were two cables sold on, which I assume are sync-on-luma and sync-stripper, from the description?

From a quick skim-through, it sounds to me like the more expensive sync-stripper one should have has better compatibility with more displays and would be worth paying extra for? But is there any downside to it? It does sound like a wise thing to invest in one of these cables… although I am starting to worry if there’s yet more model differences I’d need to consider here, depending on if I get a replacement 1-chip NTSC/PAL SNES of a particular model? (as this has already opened up a rabbit hole of SNES tech stuff… which is kind of fun to learn, as long as there’s luminance at the end of the video tunnel… 🙂

Thank you very much for the link, I’ll be on the lookout for those serial numbers… My own 2-chip is “UP10895189”, which predates any others in the PAL chart. Although I’m not sure how useful that would be to add to the spreadsheet anyway, as it clearly predates all the other confirmed 2-chip SNES consoles…

// Michel