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Has there been any progress on breaking the Sony barrier? My KDL-40W730C loves 2x mode for SNES, but won’t do anything above that.
Curiously, though, it does continue to play audio for 3x and 4x. Is this normal for other people with incompatibility issues?
I’ve tried the settings from the OP, but have had no luck. Any Sony-specific tips I could have a go at?

This TV does have a PC mode, and before buying the OSSC I ran some tests with nvidia’s custom resolution option. It would take pretty much anything I threw at it with the timings Marqs suggested in the thread on the shmups forums, but unfortunately that wasn’t indicitave of the OSSC itself.

Edit: It might be worth noting that my TV will only display an image for the 4:3 mode, nothing else.
Double edit: Reading the wiki and it says that 256×240 requires clock and phase adjustments! Will mess with that tomorrow, This could be the source of my problems…
Edit 3: nope never mind!!