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His exact words were: “SIMPEL RGB CABLES ONLY – no hokus pokus ones” and “[RGC’s] are hokus pokus in majority – extra electronics like sync stripper inside..”

Edit: I guess his FAQ for the Hydra also addresses this.
“for 99% percent You have sync stripper installed. Please, remeber and keep in mind, that HYDRA has already fitted sync stipper and will not lock on scanning on input with clean sync.”
“problematic are Your cables. Please, keep in mind, that hydra has built in many features, like sync stripper, signal termination, low/high pass filters. Please, use regular and simple cables to connect Your systems. ”

I’d like to know how much of a problem this really is with the RGC cables. If I had to get new cables for all my consoles for 100$+ I might as well import a gscartsw, that would cost about the same, but it has a better reputation.