Reply To: Companion video processor for the OSSC?


Lots of interesting factoids, thanks everybody for chiming in 😉 Buying a TV is such a pain, wading through endless forum threads, uniformity issues, dead pixels, lag, OS crashes, tearing, bizarre problems like aspect ratio controls missing in game mode. It’s also clear that I have totally different needs than the average TV buyer. It pains me that TV makers waste all this energy and money on build-in Netflix and fake surround sound speakers and all kinds of ‘enhancements’ that just make the picture look worse. It sometimes feels more like trying to find the least annoying solution rather than actually getting a fun upgrade :/ OSSC compatibility is just another thing to fuss about now.

Looks like those A-Neuvideo processors might be worth checking out then. Great. I guess I just haven’t been lucky, but I haven’t seen the DVDO machines at reasonable prices on eBay yet.

I’ve been thinking about just getting a Framemeister. The HDMI inputs can be set to passthrough, but they can also be fed into the scaler/framebuffer, deinterlacer etc., so certainly useful. I’ll also likely get a gSCART switch sooner or later and could hook up both machines directly with the dual outs. Might be a neat option.

Oh, and we’re a composite & S-Video free household 😉

I can live without zoom & pan (I’m living the zoom & pan-less live atm as my TV doesn’t offer these controls for ‘PC’ resolutions), but in some cases (i.e. Game Boy Interface) it would be nice to have.

I agree that ringing / oversharpening in the scaler is not such a big issue if you use 3x/4x modes. My TV doesn’t look too good with 480p, but it’s all very minor if it scales up from higher resolutions.