Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I have the Avermedia Live Gamer 2 and I tested it in multiple modes with 240p output signal.
It only works in line-doubling mode x2. (480p) All the other modes don’t work even with the different TX options (TX HDMI and DVI).

🙂 Based on what you’ve said, the Elgato Cam Link has piqued my interest, the only down side about it is that it doesn’t have a passthrough for the HDMI signal… Ideally I would love being able to record and possibly stream my game on Twitch so I would have to get a powered HDMI splitter if I want to make sure I get no extra input lag whatsoever. And you seem pretty knowledgeable so I have a bit of a tricky question for you :).. Now, if I were to buy the Elgato Cam Link and use a powered HDMI splitter, how well would the splitter handle the signal? If Capture Cards are having trouble with it then I’m afraid splitters would run into the same issue… My goal is to simply be able to use at least the Line4x and Line5x mode simultaneously with a Capture Card and on my HD TV / HD Monitor… Let me know if you have any ideas if something like that could work 😉