Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


Hi all, wanted to give you my solution to the OSSC capture issues. The only thing that worked 100% for me was the El Gato Cam Link. Now I am NOT using my El Gato Cam Link to stream, but just to take video. Every console I have thrown at it and 5x has worked with no issues at all. I was using a Macbook Pro with the OSSC plugged into the El Gato Cam Link, then the HDMI out to my TV. TV input is slightly lagged so I will be picking up a HDMI spitter to take care of that issue.

-El Gato Cam Link – worked on everything I threw at it
-El Gato Game Caputure HD – F%$K this thing! So much aggravation!
-EZCAP 280 – couldn’t get it to work at all