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The list does include everything you need… except (of course) the pcb, the acrylic plates for the case, the power supply and the programmable remote. The advanced bundle kit contains:

● the Altera Cyclone 4 chip (EP4CE15E22C8N = on the BOM)
● the A/D video converter chip (TVP7002 = on the BOM)
● an aluminum heat sink for the TVP7002 (= on the BOM)
● the component video connector (= on the BOM)
● the IT6613E HDMI interface IC (= on the BOM)
● a right angle type SCART socket connector (= on the BOM)
● the pre-programmed firmware chip (S25FL216K = on the BOM… but – of course – it’s not pre-programmed with the OSSCs firmware, if you buy it from a wholesale supplier like Mouser)

If you are buying the advanced kit, you need the simple DIY kit too, since the advanced kit does NOT include the pcb and the acrylic plates (and as mentioned: they are both not on the BOM).

The simple kit contains ONLY the pcb and the acrylic plates. If you are planning on just buying that (and since only the advanced kit contains a pre-programmed firmware chip) for the simple DIY kit you also need some equipment to write the firmware onto the flash memory chip… as i described here:

OSSC Firmware flash for the S25FL116K0XMFI041

A cheap USB Blaster clone (for around 3-5 bucks) and an older version of the Quartus Prime software (i did use v13.1.0.162) will do the job just fine.

No matter if you are buying the simple or the simple AND the advanced DIY kit: you have to buy a stabilized 5V power supply too (with a 2.1 mm barrel jack and with at least 1A output), if you do not have any.

Since neither of those kits include a remote control, you may need to buy one too. The remote is kind of a tricky part. You can buy a ChungHop L336 learning remote (as delivered with the pre-build OSSC) – but it has to be mentioned: the L336 needs a compatible remote to learn from. BUT if you already have such a compatible remote (that is recognized by the OSSC), you don’t necessarily need the L336 in the first place. So it is kind of a weird loop. But at least chances are pretty good, that you (or someone you know) owns a compatible remote control to make the L336 learn from…