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So rather than searching for the parts on the first list you linked, could I just buy the simple DIY kit, advanced DIY kit, power supply and remote? Would that be everything?

No… not even close. You still need to buy the capacitors, resistors, fuses, voltage regulators, oscillators, connectors, buttons, diodes, the display, the IR receiver and some more parts.

If you open the BOM Excel file (you can use Microsofts free Excel Viewer or Open Office Calc): everything marked red is part of the advanced kit… everything else you still have to buy from a supplier of your choice.

Also, is the remote control an actual requirement or just something recommended? I was unsure as to whether I could control the device on the hardware its self.

The OSSC only has two buttons and the controllability of the OSSC with those two is very limited:

As you can see: without the remote you can only chose the input connector and the scanline mode… but not much more. So if you want to configure or even fine tune the input and output settings, you HAVE to have a remote.

Do you think this soldering iron would be okay? It’s the same brand as the one in the video but not the same model

Don’t look for the brand name. Chinese sellers sell the same soldering station worldwide under 5, maybe 6 (or even more) different brand names – like Atten 936, YaXun 936, Aoyue 936, Uluo 936, LionKing 936, Quick 936, and so on, and so on… even WITHOUT any brand name at all:

Since it’s a clone of the pretty descent classic Hakko 936 soldering station, they always keep the ‘936’ while changing the brand. You should definitely buy an additional genuine Hakko 936 tip, since the chinese soldering tips are usually pretty crappy and wont last very long.