Reply To: TV compatibility report thread

SiLic0ne t0aD

Happy New Year!

I would just like to add, my OSSC 1.6 works great with my 43″ Vizio D43F-E1 ..Right out of the box, no tweaking on either.

I haven’t tried many consoles or settings yet, other than switching inputs and turning scanlines on/off on the unit itself. The included universal remote doesn’t work, which either wasn’t preprogrammed at all or I accidentally wiped it out. While I have a wide variety of systems from all era’s, I’ve only tried my VGA modded consoles so far, straight from the OSSC and into the Vizio D43F-E1.

1. ColecoVision with F18A (upgraded VDP)
2. Dreamcast (via VGA cable)

Both look fantastic.. so far, so good! Next, I’ll be trying a Wii with component cables, along with a Genesis 2 and SNES via HDretrovision component cables. I still need to RGB mod my N64 and will probably use the SNES HDretrovision cable for that. The only SCART/RGB console I have so far is an Intellivision, but the Rgb portion doesn’t work.. I screwed up somewhere, so I’ll have to go back and double check my work, hopefully correcting the problem. It’s probably the mini din connector that I miss wired but at least it works via a Composite mod. Unfortunately, even if I do get RGB to work, I’ve read at least 2 reports that RGB modded Intellivisions don’t work with the OSSC anyway, supposedly due to a sync issue. I hope this can be resolved, because I’d hate to have to use a cheap Scart/HDMI box when I paid all this money for the OSSC.

Anyways, I’ll be testing the OSSC on a Sharp HDTV next. I’ll report back if it works or not and with the model number, etc.