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Few questions from a newb:

Does the OSSC first samples (ADC) then scales (x2, x3, x4, x5) or vise-versa?
Is the LPF analog?
Can someone please post a proper signal path from Analog to Digital inside the OSSC?
Something like: Analog -> LPF -> Sampling -> Scaling -> Post Processing.

Another question/clarification related to timing, sampling, and TV compatibility;

The H.samplerate is effectively the “Total Pixels” while the Active Pixels is the visible resolution, everything else is for back/front porches and sync, just like in Nvidia Custom Resolution correct?

Does the process of sampling (digitization) include the analog sync signal, or the analog sync is used as a trigger only for the digital sampling process?
I ask because the Sync options are in uS instead of pixels.

Basically, is the OSSC H.samplerate is between the red lines?

What do incompatible TVs don’t like then, the difference between active vs total pixels counts, or are the TVs expect exact timings according to spec “to-the-last-pixel” to show picture?
What is the general tolerance of TVs to off-spec timings?

If so many TV do not support the abnormal timings, why not use the HDTV EDID timings and insert “black pixels” as part of the active pixels to compensate and essentially standardize the OSSC timing?
That would solve all the problems for all TVs… no?