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Thank you, for the much needed clarification!

And the only one of those factors the OSSC can influence is the pixel clock (by varying samplerate).

As I understand, the OSSC can be adjusted to the hi-res spec timings even if the samplerate is not accurate for the specific console.
Sync problems with the OSSC lie in: First adjusting sampling rate (total H pixels) for the specific console, and only then the (A+P+S) parameters, which is in reverse order. 🙂
To me it seems that with proper tweaking any display can be synced in x4,x5 modes with slightly less accurate samplerate, unless of course the display doesn’t like the Total.H.pixel.count in the first place.
Basically adjust the OSSC for on-spec hi-res HDTV specs even if the H.samplerate is not accurate for the console.
Can you please try that (my ossc is yet to arrive)?

Basically (active+porch+sync) = (1,2,3,4,5)*(H.Samplerate), but do the (A+P+S) tied to the scaler too, or are they independent?
Ex. 5x(A+P+S) = 5x(, or the (A+P+S) controller independently?

Are the advanced timings open in General (4:3) mode, or it is on-spec to work with all displays?