Reply To: 480i Problem


I would always prefer the Tube TV over the OSSC with 480i. I know, that comparing a 27″ CRT to a 55″ LCD isn’t fair, but 480iX2 Bob just looks terrible. Sadly it seems to be normal. I watched some youtube footage and it looks like on my TV. Text jumping up and down all the time.

I never cared much about pixel-perfect retro gaming, I put in everything with the best possible cable into my old TVs (27″ Tube and 40″ Samsung LCD) and it looked good enough for me. But 480i with OSSC looks worse then it ever did. My goal was to connect everything to my new 55″ TV with the OSSC, but it seems I need to keep the Tube TV.

Did I understand it right, that when I would use passthru the TV gets a 480i signal, deinterlaces the picture itself and adds a lot more input lag?