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Was going to start a new thread, but figured it might be worth including the history here:

Toro showed up – looks fantastic paired with the OSSC 1.6, but again having weird audio issues.

When I use a standard VGA cable and a RCA to 3.55 from the Toro to the OSSC – The sound will randomly start sounding weird then cut out.

This occurs on any game and seems random. The video never stops/freezes and the sound will eventually come back. Doesn’t matter if you are just chilling on the menu screen, or there is a ton of action on the screen. Weird.

But, if i bypass the OSSC completely and go to my receiver it’s fine. I’m still on firmware .79 (-aud with the option to pass audio through HDMI out)

Before it was the cheapo VGA/RCA cable 100%, but now i’m thinking it might be that audio port not playing nice with the toro, or maybe I shouldn’t be using the -aud firmware?

Any thoughts on this one?

As always, thanks in advance.